Jake Mykitiuk "I hope that all of the Corsaires fans are staying safe and healthy during these times"

Can you introduce yourself to the fans ?
Jake Mykitiuk, 24-year-old forward from St. Albert, AB, Canada.

What style of player are you on the ice and in the locker room ?
On the ice, I am an offensive minded forward that can generate scoring chances by being creative on the ice. Also, I take pride in my play in the defensive zone of the of the ice. I am usually a pretty outgoing and energetic person in the locker room. I like to have fun while I’m at the rink.

Can you tell us about your ACAC and WHL experience ? What is the level ?
My experiences playing hockey in the WHL and ACAC were both fantastic. The WHL was a good opportunity as I was able to play with and against many future NHL players and the fans are awesome. The ACAC was a great opportunity as I was fortunate to play four years close to home at NAIT and earn a degree in Business Administration.

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Why did you choose to try the adventure in Europe ?
I have always been interested in playing professionally in Europe but chose to finish college before making the decision to come overseas. After completing four years at NAIT I am excited for a new challenge in France.

Why did you choose to come to Dunkirk ?
I chose Dunkerque because I have heard great things about the city and the Corsaires hockey club. Dunkerque is a strong team in Division 1 and I am excited for the opportunity to contribute to the Corsaires sucess.

What do you know about the French Championship and in particular about Division 1 ?
From what i have heard, professional hockey is very competitive in France and there are many good teams.

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Do you have personal and collective goals this season ?
I am excited to arrive in France and become acclimated in my new enviroment. My goal is to help the Corsaires in their pursuit of a championship by providing strong offensive and defensive play.

Do you know the atmosphere on match nights ?
•I have heard great things about the atmosphere in the Patinoire Michel Raffoux arena and am very much looking forward to playing in front of Dunkerque’s fans. I have been told that Dunkerque has the best fans in all of France.

A final word for the fans ?
I hope that all of the Corsaires fans are staying safe and healthy during these times, and I look forward to being in Dunkerque this season.